Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas,
We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
From Jodi, Glo and the Gang

Monday, December 21, 2009

~ Sweet & Salty Treat ~

These are my new favorite, super easy, take to all the parties, treat! And so far, they have been very well recieved! I don't have a name for them, but they are similar to turtles candy or a twix bar. All you do is lay out your twisted pretezels on a cookie sheet, place a unwrapped rolo candy on top and bake them in your oven at 250 degrees for 5 minutes. After they are done, the candy will be melted so then you can stick a pecan half in the chocolate and stick them in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Be sure to keep them at room temperature after they have set or you might crack your teeth trying to chew them!
I have also seen them made with a hugs kiss (the white chocolate with chocolate stripes) and then an M&M on top also...those are good too! I'm sure there are lots of variations to this simple recipe!

Merry CHRISTmas to you!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A fun Afternoon!!!

It all started one day when my friend told me I need some help with my bookshelves and I don't know what to do with them! Lucky me, I really enjoy arranging shelves and was quick to volunteer to help her! We have similar tastes in decorating so this was a relatively easy task!
She had some very pretty items and some family heirlooms that we wanted to use, but still she needed more stuff (yeah!) So the first thing we did was to take in peak in other cabinets, shelves and closets in the her house to see what other items we could use! I brought her some books, a tray and arrangement that I had at the barn ( you know I always have "stuff"!) Then we hit one of my favorite local antiques store, Once Upon A Time, ( which sadly is going out of business, all remaining inventory is 40% til December 31st) and she bought some great blue books and a red transferware pitcher! Then we went to work!

First I cleared the shelves, set the books back, and then played around with all her decor items! I think it turned out pretty good and made you look at the shelves to see what she has on them plus added some interest and color to the room!

Thanks for the fun afternoon Lee!!!I enjoyed "playing" in your house!

Hope you all are savoring the season!!!
I'll be posting some yummy recipes soon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Great White Glider!!!

Doesn't this just make you think of spring???Can't you see this glider with some great big fluffy pillows? I know you are heading for the lemonade and your favorite magazine right now! Well, this is a great large measures 35" deep, 6' long and 31" tall.
It has some rust, but don't we all? All the springs are good....

Nice curved back...

Here is a shot at the wheels...they don't roll very well, but the swing works well. This would be a favorite piece on your patio or screened porch! $ 175. Email if you have ???'s!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Great Harvest Table!

We have an incredible 10Ft Harvest Table for sale. It is currently in the barn and is for sale. It has 3 large planks of wood across the top, as you can see from below pictures the top has beautiful wear and character to it. This awesome table can tell some tales to be sure.
Here is a picture of the end and legs (which are all on casters for easy moving!) The dimensions are 31.5 " tall (height), 33.5" across (Width) and 10' 1/4" long (length). You can easily seat 6-7 chairs per side and 2 on each ends. If you used benches for seats, you could fit even more friends! Just think about how many grandkids you could squeeze in there?!

Here is a picture showing some the character and distressed look of the top. These are actually small nail holes...this might have been a work table, kitchen table...who knows? We bought it from an estate that was out of the East coast somewhere and that's all i know!

Another picture from a different angle...folks just loved it at the last sale, but you have to the right space or place for it! I wish it fit in my house, but it is too long for my space!

The legs are really wonderful, all the nail/screw holes have wooden plugs over can see them from this picture if you really look on the legs. This is a fabulous table, the best harvest table that I have ever had, it has lots of uses and with the wheels it is so easy to move (a feature that I really love). Now the most important part - price! It is $995 plus tax, we do not ship, but may be able to deliver to you for delivery fee depending on where you are....Please e-mail me for any other info you may need or any additional questions you have!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hoosier Cabinet Top - Wonderful Blue!

We have this cute Hoosier Cabinet Top available for sale...The doors have been painted that pretty soft blue. This top can sit on a base or hang on it's own, you'll notice that it has little legs so it can stand on furniture also....
It has 2 sets of doors and 2 small drawers also (The inside stuff is not included). It measures 37.5" wide, 11" deep and 43.5" tall!

Cute little spice shelf also!

Great old flour sifter also! A really cute primitive piece! Bargained priced at $125!
Email me if you can't live with out it or have questions!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

~Grey Shelf/Bookcase~

If you have ever come to our sales you know that we really pack in the vintage goodies...And so it is difficult to see the shelves underneath! I thought I would show you this multi-purpose shelf in it's "naked" state! It is wooden underneath, then has been painted white, then a light blue-grey color. It has great shabby appeal!
The reason is can go so many places is it's size. It is tall and narrow! It measures 53" tall, 45.5" across and only 9.5" deep. I usually have it merchandised with books, basket and fun vintage toys!

Another shot of the ends, they have style and character.... This shelf is available now for purchase and pick up at the barn. Price - $85 plus tax.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~A Dash of Decorating~

So, we put our tree up this weekend and barely got it decorated before Monday came again! Finally today I got to "play" in my living room and add some holiday around the house! I really like to use the old and new together and I made good use of all the left over tree branches!
The mantle turned out sweet, it will look really warm with the candles lit...

Love to ad the vintage anywhere i can get away with it...

Books are still one of my favorite decorating items, classy and useful!

I think I need some red berries or additional color to all the greens...I'll have to hunt down friend with a holly tree...

This vintage navitiy set is one of my favorites and I put my vintage star in a silver vase. I like to try to use what I have in my cupboards also. I love using old lovely things in new ways!

The balls are still my favorite and they always make me smile - they are so cheery! Don't you agree?? I'm still have lots of balls left and I'm looking for some creative ways to use them! Any ideas, send them my way!
Happy Decorating and remeber He is our Peace, so don't let the craziness of the season steal your JOY!!!
Merry, Merry~~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The JESUS Tree

So, Turkey day is over and if you are like me, you have leftovers til Christmas...I think ham is sounding great for next holiday! So have you started decorating for Christmas yet??? Me, not hubby makes us wait until the first weekend in December to get the tree...we still like those real ones, you can't beat the smell.... Have you had fun with your Jesus Tree project yet? For those of you who missed the Christmas in the Country sale, we presented this idea of a tree whose only ornaments are names of Jesus with the ornaments representing that particular name of Jesus! For example, He is the DOOR and we used a vintage door knob to represent this name. The fun part is coming up with that item/ornament that represents Jesus' name to you. You all had some great ideas for using the Jesus tree in many different ways...Here are some that I overheard.... You could use it as an advent tree and just put on one ornament per day and read the name of Jesus and the corresponding scripture, use it with your Sunday school class, in your classroom, as a devotional time with your family! Really the ways are endless! We have enjoyed putting the ornaments ( or you could just put the tags) on the tree and talking about a certain name of Jesus and seeing how that has applied to our life this year...Rebekah (5) really enjoys this too and is learning about Jesus as she decorates! Really, what could be better????

We sold out of the tags twice, but now have more in stock...You get a starter kit with the tags, 30 names the are beautifully written in calligraphy with the name of Jesus and the Scripture and also this sheet seen above ( in smaller form) with the list of names we have complied so far. Next year we hope to have add more tags for the other names...The sets are $10 if I mail them to you or $8.66 if you pick them up...we also have some ornaments left also, so just contact me if you need something....

~ To God be all glory, for only HE is WORTHY~
Happy Decorating,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~ Handmade sellers Rock the House~

It was a great night with fabulous weather the entire sale! Finally cool enough for coffee!
Great soaps, candles, lotions and lip balms...

Loved the fabric flowers pins and all the fun on this table!

Can't wait to hang up my tassel!

Hymn tiles, burp clothes, cord covers....

So cute paper mache letters and decor!

Monogrammed items were great and the "hit" of the show!

Wonderful crazy quilt items...
Hope you made it...more pictures to come and lots more about the "JESUS" tree!
Thanks to all of our wonderful shoppers! We are so thankful for your business for another year!
May God bless you with peaceful week with time to reflect on His goodness and provision this year!
Blessed, Jodi

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The handmade "store" is looking great too! So many very creative people.... The barn is packed and so is the tent....Enough said, See you there!
Merry CHRISTmas!
Fa la la la la la la la la,

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