Tuesday, June 29, 2010

South Texas Trip - Junkin' all the way!!!

Well, this past weekend we headed to Houston area...my brother and sister-in-law sweetly offered to keep and treat our girl to a fun weekend and Mark and I hit the road for a fun time together. Mark stopped at every antique and junk shop along the way! Yeah!!!! After stopping in Colombus, Weimar, and Shulenburg I finally found this cute shabby shelf. I was beginning to give up...I thought if I see another piece of glassware I might scream! I thought this shelf looked like a christmas tree, so it might show up at the christmas sale...

Then, we stopped at this place, can you beileve it? Have you seen that show American Pickers? It is on History channel on Monday nights...it's about 2 guys that travel around buying antiques to resell....Mark teases me about being a "picker" which of course I am! So anyway, we stopped and dug through this mess....
I'm not sure about the antique or treasure part, but we where having fun together.....

So, would you have stopped?? I want to know...
Well, here are the 2 things that I dug out of that place....Both need a little TLC... I thought they both had potential!!!
Stay tuned for more from our trip.... (the finds get better!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Salsa...Have you made it yet????

My folks garden is producing tomatoes like crazy, and I had lots of them, SO it was the perfect reason to make up a batch of salsa.....YUM!!!! Have you made it yet? Let me back up...did you get the email with the recipe??? NO? Then sign yourself up over to the right of the page for recipes, fun ideas and all the first news about our sales...Don't worry we don't give out your email to anyone and you can always unscribe it you want to....
Pull up a chair and dive in with me, you know I'll need LOTS of you sweet friends to finish off this bowl! And by the way, if you want this delicious and easy recipe, just email me and I'll send it right over....
Happy Summer,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A FUN day...

Some fun ladies I know got together for a brunch lunch yesterday... and when we got to Miss Betty's house her gardens were amazing and I happened to have my camera, so...
Isn't this large metal object cool???

A type of Hydrangea...

She had beautiful rocks edging most of her beds...

Patriotic also...

The younger crowd - Thanks Anna!

Truly, these photos don't begin to do her garden justice...

I loved this double lily!

The master gardener herself and it was her b-day yesterday too! Thanks for sharing your day with us, Betty!

My favorite flower!!! I only wish I could grow them....well I'll keep trying!
Hope you are enjoying your summer days also! Enjoyed it ladies!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

At the BARN Tomorrow(Sunday)

Hi Friends,

For all of you who are interested in the lockers I'll be at the barn tomorrow, Sunday June 13th from 2:30 -4pm, so come on by and BUY them up!

See you then,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Okay friends, Lockers have just been flying out the barn for many of the last sales and we finally ended up being able to get them in quantity! These are all for sale NOW and are really fun. Lockers are a great summer project, easily painted with Rust-oleum paint products which are made for metal objects! I have 2 sets of triples, seen above. The yellow and blue set have 3 across and 3 lockers on the bottom and are in great shape.
At then end of the row there are 2 sets of doubles, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. I have lots of additional doubles in another barn also....

Here is another type in doubles, these are 2 sets of doubles. It is one tan & blue is a set, then the next set is a little darker in color. These are in prime shape for painting...although there funky color is pretty fun also!

These are 2 more sets of 2 singles together. The orange and tan are one set and the blue and tan are the second set. You might notice that these are long single doors, different from all the others. These are priced to sell, so email me if you are interested! I'll be happy to meet you at the barn so you can see them also. Of course, first come, first choice!!!
Hope your "summer projecting" is off to a great start!
See you around!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Summer!!!!

Long may she wave! I hope your summer is off to a great start! I'd say it has been a little HOT down here, but I guess when you live in Texas...
We'll we have been doing projects around the house! YEAH!!!! Here is the newly painted swing - now we just need a cold glass of lemonade....

I now you will laugh at the this picture, but I finally got a new driveway! Gone is the cracked and dangerous one! So, I just had to take a picture it! Thank-YOU Husband!

Found these great pitchers recently, love the transferware green on this one...

Ironstone...it makes your heart sing, right??? It is as large as it looks!!!

We have been finding some WONDERFUL stuff lately....can't show it all to you now, so be patient! I do have lots of lockers for sale and will be blogging and selling those soon! Hope your summer is off to a great start! Don't be a stranger, drop me a line anytime!
Remember we are always buying, if you have stuff for us to come glance at, give me a shout!
Happy June,

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