Tuesday, June 29, 2010

South Texas Trip - Junkin' all the way!!!

Well, this past weekend we headed to Houston area...my brother and sister-in-law sweetly offered to keep and treat our girl to a fun weekend and Mark and I hit the road for a fun time together. Mark stopped at every antique and junk shop along the way! Yeah!!!! After stopping in Colombus, Weimar, and Shulenburg I finally found this cute shabby shelf. I was beginning to give up...I thought if I see another piece of glassware I might scream! I thought this shelf looked like a christmas tree, so it might show up at the christmas sale...

Then, we stopped at this place, can you beileve it? Have you seen that show American Pickers? It is on History channel on Monday nights...it's about 2 guys that travel around buying antiques to resell....Mark teases me about being a "picker" which of course I am! So anyway, we stopped and dug through this mess....
I'm not sure about the antique or treasure part, but we where having fun together.....

So, would you have stopped?? I want to know...
Well, here are the 2 things that I dug out of that place....Both need a little TLC... I thought they both had potential!!!
Stay tuned for more from our trip.... (the finds get better!)


  1. Yes I would have stopped, are you kidding!!!

    Looks like fun.


  2. My hubby and I definitely would have stopped!! We love to go junkin together...we're lucky 'junkers' to be able to share in this hobby together with our spouses.


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