Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon of FUN!

You know you can't put on a barn sale without ALOT of help and helpers! And we appreciate all their support, help, advice, opinions, cheers, sweat, encouragement, prayers and the list goes on, so we try to plan something fun for all of us to do after the sale! This past sunday was that day! We had such a fun afternoon....we made notecard hankies and learned how to make strawberry freezer jam!
You need some vintage hankies, ribbon, buttons and notecards or recipe cards...
And a very cute helper!
Love ribbon , don't you?
and more!
You fold the pressed and starched napkin/hankie around the notecards, tie with a ribbon and attach with thread your favorite button! I only got a picture of one of them...Wouldn't you love to get one? They make such a perfect little gift! So easy and fun! Thanks Starla for showing us the "how-to's" on these....
Then my sweet mama showed us how to make no - cook Strawberry freezer jam! This has been a family favorite for literally years! ( she just uses the recipe in the sure gel box!)
Of course, we got to have some chattin' time too!
See, they are intently listening...my mom is a teacher also, so she knows just how to keep our attention!
There is the finished product they got to take home!
We love our helpers and are SO thankful for them!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

~~ Bella~~~ She's home!

A girl and her dog...what can you say?
Bella's her name and she's here to stay!
Happy summer to you!
~~ Jodi

Monday, May 16, 2011

Well, We did it ! We adopted a ...

dog for my little girl's birthday! We picked her out at the pound and I'm praying that we made a good choice...she is 5 months old yellow lab mix and seems very sweet. I'll keep you posted on that!
She looks calm right? Can you tell my little one talked us into this? She has been patiently waiting for this birthday for a few years because it was the year we felt she was old enough to take care of a dog....
I have to say, we all liked her...she's coming home next week!
I'll tell you her name then! Any guesses?
~~ Jodi

Monday, May 9, 2011

One BIG Project....

It started like this....Did you know that picking a paint color can be like torchure? Especially when you probably live with that color forever....
Then this....paint can add up fast!

Bye -Bye to Yellow! I hope to never see you on this house again!

Stay tuned for progress!

Happy summer projecting to you too!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shop Talk with Ki ( you know, the one and only!)

Recently, I had a fun night hanging out at Winnie and Tutula's with the one and only

Ki Nausser, of Junk Bonanaza and Flea Market Style mazagine! Ki really put JUNK on

the map in a cool way and brought out the beauty of vintage objects in a new recycled way! I

enjoyed talking "shop" with her because there is not much she hasn't tried and she has been

successful at everything. My favorite thing about her is that she is so approachable and genuine

and willing to talk about different ideas....and she started with a garage sale ( now, you got to

love humble beginnings, I can relate to that, how about you?)

Here we are laughing with Ethel as she signs our magazines....

She is a real joy and just as fun as she looks!

A special thanks to her good friend and mine, Margo, who graciously always has her camera handy! Check out her blog to see more about their adventures in Texas!

You're welcome in our neck of the woods anytime Ki!

~~ Hugs, JLM

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