Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Great Harvest Table!

We have an incredible 10Ft Harvest Table for sale. It is currently in the barn and is for sale. It has 3 large planks of wood across the top, as you can see from below pictures the top has beautiful wear and character to it. This awesome table can tell some tales to be sure.
Here is a picture of the end and legs (which are all on casters for easy moving!) The dimensions are 31.5 " tall (height), 33.5" across (Width) and 10' 1/4" long (length). You can easily seat 6-7 chairs per side and 2 on each ends. If you used benches for seats, you could fit even more friends! Just think about how many grandkids you could squeeze in there?!

Here is a picture showing some the character and distressed look of the top. These are actually small nail holes...this might have been a work table, kitchen table...who knows? We bought it from an estate that was out of the East coast somewhere and that's all i know!

Another picture from a different angle...folks just loved it at the last sale, but you have to the right space or place for it! I wish it fit in my house, but it is too long for my space!

The legs are really wonderful, all the nail/screw holes have wooden plugs over them...you can see them from this picture if you really look on the legs. This is a fabulous table, the best harvest table that I have ever had, it has lots of uses and with the wheels it is so easy to move (a feature that I really love). Now the most important part - price! It is $995 plus tax, we do not ship, but may be able to deliver to you for delivery fee depending on where you are....Please e-mail me for any other info you may need or any additional questions you have!


  1. I love how long this table is.

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