Monday, August 23, 2010

Barn Beginnings (Our first sale!)

Well, I thought I would share some pictures from our very first, cold barn sale! To say we've come ALONG way in 5 years maybe a huge understatement! There I am at the checkout just a proud as a peacock....
I have to laugh at some of the items in the pictures, so much was out of my own house....I just need stuff to sell....

and the barn seemed so large back then!

Our sweet friend Donna Hayes put items in on consignment as well as a few others!

We used whatever we could hang to make the walls seem less "barnish" and more like a home!

I borrowed that huge lattice from my 80 year old neighbor for a backdrop...she wanted it back so we had to move it on a trailer. I was so relieved to get it back to her in one piece!

I still love red items...they just look perfect in a barn, don't you think?

This was my dad's section...if you know him, you say looks just like him!

Another shot of his jewels!

Here we are.....Freezing together in the barn! My folks have always encouraged me to dream big, just give it a shot...they have been behind me for 36 years and I couldn't have done it without them! They truly are one of the biggest blessings in my life! Thanks dad and mom for putting up with me and all my crazy ideas...I love you both!
So what are you afraid to try???? All you can do is fail, and you'll probably succeed! You'll never know unless you dust off your heels and give it ago! Here's to you and your "crazy" ideas!
Now, get going!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Barn Teasers!!!

Just a few teasers picutures meant to get you excited, wet your whistles, rev your engines!!! The barn is PACKED and more arriving soon! I'm getting excited, are you????
Happy Friday!
~ Jodi

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Arkansas FINDS!!!

Got ya!!! Of course, I had to throw this picture in for fun! I left these beauties behind! Aren't you glad??

I did find some pretty milk glass, ironstone and newer pottery pieces all in white. It looks great for any occasion!

Assorted metal, cute black bench and don't you love my funky squirrel?

Little green stool - great color!

this is an industrial shade cutter...You'll have to come to the sale to see what other industrial pieces I have....
I was told this was a nail sorter?, it has all the different lenghts on the sides...I thought it would be a great organizer on a desk!

Do you know what these are? I didn't. They are the seat backs off of theater seats, in the box is where they put your name or reservation number to hold your seat. Aren' t they cool??? They are metal and I have an idea on how to merchandise them. Come to the next sale and see if it works!

Grey lockers, would be great painted....I love the height on them, they are really tall and the single doors are harder to find! ( I am selling lots of lockers and they are the only thing I will sell before the next sale, so email me if you are interested!)

My first large purchase...I love this French style over stuffed chair! Hope you do too!
Well, those are some of my finds, lots more but I couldn't show you everything!
5 weeks away til sale date and we are counting down!!!!!
See you soon!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sum of it's PARTS are worth more than the whole!

Well, it was the last day and the trailer was scrammed full, I mean the type of full that you had to be really careful when you opened the trailer for fear of what was going to fall out. But then I spotted this very cool pump organ with the awesome topper and I really wanted it!
The price I was quoted was great and Margo and I had quite a discussion about how to get it home. After several options, I figured the only way to get in the trailer was to take it apart. I could tell that the seller really wanted to sell it and I really love architectural pieces, so I wanted it....the seller (Danny) kept asking me about it. Finally, I said the only way I can buy this organ is if you take it apart for me. He AGREED!!!! YEAH!!!! I planned on selling the parts from the beginning, because I have learned that often times the PARTS are awesome and WORTH more than the whole piece. SO, the de-construction project began....

Here is Danny (left) and Charles (right), taking apart the organ by unscrewing every screw. They were very careful and did not break any of the parts. Remeber now, it is 100+ degrees and they worked on this organ for an hour.... They were really troopers! They joked about how taking the organ apart was not on their adjenda for the day, but life can surprise you!

They were very kind and smiling inspite of the intense heat!

Here are some of the parts, they have the most amazing detail on them.

It was a big project! Here you can see the awesome side pieces...I really like those! You'll see them for sale at the barn!
Thanks guys! You ROCK!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One HOT Trip (Serious JUNKERS only!)

It was one HOT trip, one LONG sale and 3 days full of FUN! I joked with my friend Margo (pictured above) that she was the only one I knew who could endure the heat and still enjoy herself! Check out her blog for more on our trip!
We were thrilled to purchase snow cones from this local vendor...mine matched the color of my face...I'm pretty sure it was triple digits for all 3 days of our trip! You know this Texas girl was prepared, but still it was really toasty!

And you only thought things were big in Texas....we couldn't miss this sign!

We laughed at this sign, there was "material" all over the sides of the road! Yeah for us!

The first sale we stopped at...I was excited to get there and start the hunt!

Loved this hanging wicker swing and bought it after we tracked down the owner!

I think this is the end of day 2...the trailer is getting full. we did learn that boxes worked better than tubs....note to self for next time!
Stay tuned for more from our trip...our finds and one great story!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first ever JUNKIN' ONLY Trip!!!

Margo and I are headed out on quite an the Hwy 64 sale in runs about 100+ miles and should be great! We have the

  1. trailer
  2. blankets
  3. boxes
  4. tubs
  5. dolly
  6. WATER
  7. $$$
  8. a fanny pack ( i had to borrow that)
  9. the GPS
  10. the map (in case the GPS heads us to somewhere else!)
  11. hat and sunscreen
  12. CAMERA (to show you all our good finds and strange sights!)
  13. A good pair of tennies

Stay tuned for pictures, stories and who knows what else!!!!!

Fall barn sale is SEPTEMBER 22-25th. Have you marked you calendar??? It's going to be a good one!!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Decorating with Windows! (A fun project!)

Last week we had a women's event at our church and the theme was Completely His, which was the title of one of the speakers books. I decorated the snack table and tried to incorporate the them into the design. My favorite part was using these old windows. I used the Cricut cutters to cut out the vinal letters and just stuck them on the windows...I was inspired by my friend Eva who uses vintage windows bought at our sale to decorate for her wedding/party business...what a fun idea! I used 4 windows the same size and my handy hubby connected them for me....

This is what they looked like on the table...the fun part was all four sides are the same so there was no back or front and the food was served all the way around...Did you see that I used some old books in there know i love those old books and use them every chance I get!

It was a girl's event so we HAD to have chocolate! I have lots of great helpers and several folks comtributed to the party!

The apples were free for the taking and had pink ribbon and the theme words on them also...

I also donated a small giveaway...I found this cute server in my barn stash..

and filled it with fun stuff....chocolate, candle and a plant!
I'm always inspired to use old items in a new way! How have you been doing that lately?
Hugs, Jodi

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Colorado Finds!

Well, colorado is not known for good antiques, but we did stop at a few places on the trip! And I found a few interesting things.... Love the vintage M platter...
The Art Deco style vase

Japan S&P are always colorful and fun!

Love this woren yellow tole tray, it's a fun shape you don't see very often!

And this cute wooden barn, Rebekah tried it out with her horses!
Hope you are enjoying these last days of summer and staying cool!
Stay tuned for more postings about the fall sale - It's only 8 weeks away!
~ Jodi
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