Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Arkansas FINDS!!!

Got ya!!! Of course, I had to throw this picture in for fun! I left these beauties behind! Aren't you glad??

I did find some pretty milk glass, ironstone and newer pottery pieces all in white. It looks great for any occasion!

Assorted metal, cute black bench and don't you love my funky squirrel?

Little green stool - great color!

this is an industrial shade cutter...You'll have to come to the sale to see what other industrial pieces I have....
I was told this was a nail sorter?, it has all the different lenghts on the sides...I thought it would be a great organizer on a desk!

Do you know what these are? I didn't. They are the seat backs off of theater seats, in the box is where they put your name or reservation number to hold your seat. Aren' t they cool??? They are metal and I have an idea on how to merchandise them. Come to the next sale and see if it works!

Grey lockers, would be great painted....I love the height on them, they are really tall and the single doors are harder to find! ( I am selling lots of lockers and they are the only thing I will sell before the next sale, so email me if you are interested!)

My first large purchase...I love this French style over stuffed chair! Hope you do too!
Well, those are some of my finds, lots more but I couldn't show you everything!
5 weeks away til sale date and we are counting down!!!!!
See you soon!


  1. did you ever find that little round white table?
    I was thinking it might have been left at David's. We were packing in the dark;)


  2. You got me with the lamps! Quite hideous! But love the rest of your finds! How did you ever keep from wrestling Margo for certain items??!! (or maybe you did and we just haven't heard the scoop yet! ha!) Have fun getting everything ready!

  3. I promise you those lamps would have sold on PREVIEW NIGHT! Seriously.

  4. Ah, don't be such a hater. Back in the day, my mother would have wrestled you to the ground for those lamps...she adored those type of! Actually if the price were right, I would have actually bought them...the color is so fall...but I would have ditched the petticoat shades.
    Great stuff and I know y'all had a great time.

  5. Hi Jodi! Looks like you and Margo had a wonderful time and found lots of cool junk! I'm so jealous. Hope you're recuperated from your dehydration and sunburns, but I'm sure it was WELL worth it! Looking forward to seeing all the new "loot"! Vickie


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