Monday, August 23, 2010

Barn Beginnings (Our first sale!)

Well, I thought I would share some pictures from our very first, cold barn sale! To say we've come ALONG way in 5 years maybe a huge understatement! There I am at the checkout just a proud as a peacock....
I have to laugh at some of the items in the pictures, so much was out of my own house....I just need stuff to sell....

and the barn seemed so large back then!

Our sweet friend Donna Hayes put items in on consignment as well as a few others!

We used whatever we could hang to make the walls seem less "barnish" and more like a home!

I borrowed that huge lattice from my 80 year old neighbor for a backdrop...she wanted it back so we had to move it on a trailer. I was so relieved to get it back to her in one piece!

I still love red items...they just look perfect in a barn, don't you think?

This was my dad's section...if you know him, you say looks just like him!

Another shot of his jewels!

Here we are.....Freezing together in the barn! My folks have always encouraged me to dream big, just give it a shot...they have been behind me for 36 years and I couldn't have done it without them! They truly are one of the biggest blessings in my life! Thanks dad and mom for putting up with me and all my crazy ideas...I love you both!
So what are you afraid to try???? All you can do is fail, and you'll probably succeed! You'll never know unless you dust off your heels and give it ago! Here's to you and your "crazy" ideas!
Now, get going!


  1. Hello Jodi....!!

    Your Barn Sale looked like it would have been FABULOUS....! I too love red things & looking at all your pics, I would have left with quite a load if I'd been able to attend....!!

    I hope it went well for you....!!

    Cheers from Australia,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. What a great post. I'm pretty sure I was at that sale. I remember those big letters on the back wall. I'll bet you sold out even then.
    You've come a long way and you have such a great sale to show for it.

  3. Let's keep our eye out for some of that stuff to come back through the barn. I'd love to buy several things I see in the pictures!!!!


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