Friday, August 6, 2010

Decorating with Windows! (A fun project!)

Last week we had a women's event at our church and the theme was Completely His, which was the title of one of the speakers books. I decorated the snack table and tried to incorporate the them into the design. My favorite part was using these old windows. I used the Cricut cutters to cut out the vinal letters and just stuck them on the windows...I was inspired by my friend Eva who uses vintage windows bought at our sale to decorate for her wedding/party business...what a fun idea! I used 4 windows the same size and my handy hubby connected them for me....

This is what they looked like on the table...the fun part was all four sides are the same so there was no back or front and the food was served all the way around...Did you see that I used some old books in there know i love those old books and use them every chance I get!

It was a girl's event so we HAD to have chocolate! I have lots of great helpers and several folks comtributed to the party!

The apples were free for the taking and had pink ribbon and the theme words on them also...

I also donated a small giveaway...I found this cute server in my barn stash..

and filled it with fun stuff....chocolate, candle and a plant!
I'm always inspired to use old items in a new way! How have you been doing that lately?
Hugs, Jodi

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