Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first ever JUNKIN' ONLY Trip!!!

Margo and I are headed out on quite an adventure...to the Hwy 64 sale in Arkansas...it runs about 100+ miles and should be great! We have the

  1. trailer
  2. blankets
  3. boxes
  4. tubs
  5. dolly
  6. WATER
  7. $$$
  8. a fanny pack ( i had to borrow that)
  9. the GPS
  10. the map (in case the GPS heads us to somewhere else!)
  11. hat and sunscreen
  12. CAMERA (to show you all our good finds and strange sights!)
  13. A good pair of tennies

Stay tuned for pictures, stories and who knows what else!!!!!

Fall barn sale is SEPTEMBER 22-25th. Have you marked you calendar??? It's going to be a good one!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh y'all will have some tall tales to tell when you get back. I've been to that one and I know you'll have a great time.


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