Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Sale - Inside the barn!

The barn doors were opened and this is what you saw!

The most wonderful Harp plant stands...They were fabulous!

Barn beauties ready for action!

Love those clocks!

and mirrors...

The chairs found a new home!

Still have this wonderful desk!

Love the chippy table - still available!

Cute blue dresser!

Why is the shabby stuff always so cute? and fun to display too!

Wonderful blue color on this plumbing store fixture!

We always love the classy act of black and white!

I love the tole! Have to many to count in my own house!

Round oak table still available!

Love the horns, fun to decorate with...

What is it about pumpkins that are so fun...maybe we need to decorate more with orange? The wonderful fall decor is still available - only 2 left - they hang or lay on table!

Always some cowboy items... We do live in Texas!

Could have sold several of these tables...wish we had more!

The prettiest mirror we have ever had and the largest...found a new home!

I really like dishes...we'll always have a good supply of plates I'm sure!

Well, hope you enjoyed scrolling the pictures, I realized that we forgot to take pictures of one whole room that had lockers and school/game items in it! So I'm not the best at remembering all the details. We have some of these items left, email me if you want to know about a specific piece, otherwise they will be at the next sale...Christmas in the Country, Novemeber 19th-21st!
Check back often, I'll be posting new items coming in for the Christmas sale, plus lots of other information!
Always happy to hear from you, so drop me a line!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Sale "Under the Tent Pictures" - Hope YOU made it!

Preview Party Night!
It was such a steamy night...you can see all the hay we added to help with the mud!

But we were so thankful it wasn't raining!

The Ballard ladies were looking cute as usual!

The workers made the most of the heat!

Pie sales went great!

Just stuff...lots of treasures outside!

More pictures of inside to come...I'm still trying to catch up on all the life "stuff" that I was already behind on....You too? Thanks to all of you who came to shop and support the East Texas Food Bank...with your help 8,000 meals were provided for hungry folks around our area! Way to go shoppers!!!!!
More soon,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 Great Tables and See you there!

My favorite...a fabulous 10 ft Harvest table on wheels!

Indoor/Outdoor Glass topped metal table - OO La La!
Classic traditional seats 6, pulls out to seat 10 - Very Nice!

Love this harvest table - 8Ft with 2 benches! Can't you just imagine Thanksgiving around this beauty! Lots of memories will be made and experience on this beauty!
Ok, Last post til after the sale...You'll have to come to see all the rest! The tent is exploding outside and with all the rain it's a little muddy, so haul out those old junker shoes and head them our direction! See you on Wednesday night 5-8pm, or Thursday thur Saturday 8-5 pm!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Preview Party Wednesday! It's ALL for SALE!

Hi Friends,
Hope you are getting excited about the sale this week! We are! Don't you love this red tandem bike? It will be at the sale! It is in very good shape and works well (we tested it out for fun!) Just wanted to clear up a few things about the Preview Party on Wednesday night! First of all, we open at 5pm, a $5 donation is required to get in with 100% of money benefitting the East Texas Food Bank, we are also selling pie by the slice and whole pies, with that money also going to food bank! And the best part is....EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE THAT NIGHT! All items outside are for sale with cash/check and inside the barn we accept MC/Visa also. Our sweet die hard shoppers know we will be open rain or shine, so come and bring a friend...we are waiting for you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A decorating secret

Have you ever noticed in all the decorating magazines how many books are used in the pictures? I for one love using them around my house for added interest and warmth. They are the perfect way to add height to decorative items and add color to a space. I LOVE the books pictured above, they are leather bound law books and I have some for sale at the barn. They date from the early 1900's and the look and color are great! In fact all the books at the barn are always for sale, so just peek in the inside cover and look for the price penciled in, we always try to stock some great "decorator" books! I really do love to read also, but you won't catch me reading a law book ever!
Church pews make great book or magazines holders!

Love these red vintage dictionaries, I'm keeping these!
A fun book shelf for kids books - all for sale at the barn!
Did I mention that I liked red? This is a sweet set of poetry books on a table in my living room.

I kept one of those leather law books and used it to add height under my lamp on the fireplace!
Okay, the barn is getting better looking every day! And did I mention the huge tent that is already overflowing? Only 1 week left!
Looking forward to seeing you!

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