Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A decorating secret

Have you ever noticed in all the decorating magazines how many books are used in the pictures? I for one love using them around my house for added interest and warmth. They are the perfect way to add height to decorative items and add color to a space. I LOVE the books pictured above, they are leather bound law books and I have some for sale at the barn. They date from the early 1900's and the look and color are great! In fact all the books at the barn are always for sale, so just peek in the inside cover and look for the price penciled in, we always try to stock some great "decorator" books! I really do love to read also, but you won't catch me reading a law book ever!
Church pews make great book or magazines holders!

Love these red vintage dictionaries, I'm keeping these!
A fun book shelf for kids books - all for sale at the barn!
Did I mention that I liked red? This is a sweet set of poetry books on a table in my living room.

I kept one of those leather law books and used it to add height under my lamp on the fireplace!
Okay, the barn is getting better looking every day! And did I mention the huge tent that is already overflowing? Only 1 week left!
Looking forward to seeing you!


  1. Geesh, here I am thinking, I haven't heard about this sale, I think I'll go, it's in Gresham. Well, I just can't make it, I was thinking Gresham, Oregon lol. Have a real good time! Karen

  2. It's looking good. See you Saturday with my load.

  3. You have WONDERFUL books and book racks. I love the one I got from you last year and get millions of comments on it. YEA for the upcoming sale!

  4. Girly, I have books everywhere! Many have come from your sale. I love those at the top of this page. I hope they are at the sale :) I'm redecorating Foy's dental office at the end of this year and book are on my shopping list for the sale in a week! Can't wait!

  5. Hi, came over from Margo's blog. Can you please tell me how much the leather books are? You can email me at garden_antqs@yahoo.com Thanks and hope to see you this week, Theresa


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