Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rebecca in RED ( day #2)

Okay, now to my favorite part! All her red....I do love red, it is such a fun color and instantly adds punch to any room! Enjoy!
This is Rebecca's island in her kitchen...It's a vintage store display, but perfect as an island also! It's a fabulous way to display all your seasonal treasures without having to dust them and you can serve off the top for parties also! She says this gets used ALL the time!

Fun vintage Christmas in the kitchen!

I love picnic baskets, they are wonderful for storage and hiding all those magazines or things you want to keep but not show....She has the best collection I have ever seen!

Game anyone?

Love the plaid displays also! And did you notice the fabric on her ceiling...? Clever huh?

Red lockers, need i say more?

More plaid....
Fun, vintage store displays hanging from her of her favorites!

Rebecca also has a many chandelier's hanging around her house with lots of items hanging from them...I thought the salt and pepper shakers were pretty cool!

Here's the close up shot!
Hope her "red" brightened your day!
I just found out she decorates for weddings also! Truly she is a women of many talents!
Talk to you soon!

Monday, December 27, 2010

~Forever Rebecca~ Dreaming in Cream ( Day #1)

I recently got to visit the home of my friend and long time barn shopper, Rebecca Ballard. I knew her home would be a real treat to see, so I took my camera along! Settle back and take a look at all her fabulous uses of vintage treasures, hopefully, you'll get some ideas of your own.
Vintage wedding toppers.... Displayed so cute!
Look at what she did with all those clock faces from the barn!

Cream tree in decked with gold and silver!

Can you guess what her table topper is?

I just wanted to curl up with a book and hot tea....

Did you know that Rebecca is in the business of making all things beautiful? She has been cutting and sewing for lots of years and her handiwork is well worth the wait! Love these monogrammed, slip covered chairs above...

Don't they look sassy in their ruffles?

Wreath with all vintage ornaments and decor...this gets lots of use at all the weddings she helps with...

She not only decks the mantle, but also the doorways of her home...

Love the mantle...she made all those stockings out of white sweaters! How's that for going "green"?
I also really like how she uses her everyday collections (swans) in her seasonal decor, that lets her personality shine all year through!

Eye candy...I told you!

You could just stop and look everywhere...She says, "It's not done til it's overdone!"
Rebecca also shares of love of other colors...check back for more installments of RED and her office/workspace!
If you need wonderful and well-made bedding, curtains, pillows, slipcovers, cordcovers or anything else you can dream up made, I would encourage you to give her a ring. She's loveable, local and current in her knowledge of industry trends/colors/styles!
(She helped with my Rebekah's room makeover and I LOVE it!)
For a quote, give her a ring:
Forever Rebecca
Rebecca Ballard
903-253-3010 cell

Check back soon...It's going to be a great year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas ornaments are like friendships!

Recently, while decorating our Christmas tree, I got to thinking about friendships and how ornaments are like the friendships in my indulge me a moment...
We have our favorite "old" friends, the ones who have known us forever, know all our secrets and love us anyway!

Our new friends we may have recently made....

Our sweet friends who are always there for us - you know who those are!

Those friends who love our children like they were their own!

Those who encourage us in our pursuit and relationship with God....

The cheery ones who always make us smile!

The ones who knew us in our "crafty" phase...

and encouraged us whether we were talented or not!

To all my dear friends, young, old, new, or timeless, I cherish you all!
The gift of your friendship is a priceless treasure to me!
And our Precious Savior who is ..."a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24b

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Christmas Brunch ( with shopping!)

Hi Friends ~
Hope your December is off to a great start! I wanted to tell you about a fun thing that our church is putting on this Saturday! It's called Christmas Comedy Celebration! It starts at 9:30 at Grace Community Church on old Jacksonville with shopping with 10-15 different vendors (AND WE WILL BE ONE OF THEM!) and then there is a brunch and comedy show for your entertainment! If you just want to come shop ( and see us! : ) that is free, if you want to come for the food and show that cost $10 at the door! There is more info about this event at
We'll have the Jesus tree with trimmings, some assorted Christmas vintage and whatever else I can pull together between now and then!
PS. Little girls under 12 are free! So bring them with you!
Love to see you all there!

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