Sunday, November 29, 2009

The JESUS Tree

So, Turkey day is over and if you are like me, you have leftovers til Christmas...I think ham is sounding great for next holiday! So have you started decorating for Christmas yet??? Me, not hubby makes us wait until the first weekend in December to get the tree...we still like those real ones, you can't beat the smell.... Have you had fun with your Jesus Tree project yet? For those of you who missed the Christmas in the Country sale, we presented this idea of a tree whose only ornaments are names of Jesus with the ornaments representing that particular name of Jesus! For example, He is the DOOR and we used a vintage door knob to represent this name. The fun part is coming up with that item/ornament that represents Jesus' name to you. You all had some great ideas for using the Jesus tree in many different ways...Here are some that I overheard.... You could use it as an advent tree and just put on one ornament per day and read the name of Jesus and the corresponding scripture, use it with your Sunday school class, in your classroom, as a devotional time with your family! Really the ways are endless! We have enjoyed putting the ornaments ( or you could just put the tags) on the tree and talking about a certain name of Jesus and seeing how that has applied to our life this year...Rebekah (5) really enjoys this too and is learning about Jesus as she decorates! Really, what could be better????

We sold out of the tags twice, but now have more in stock...You get a starter kit with the tags, 30 names the are beautifully written in calligraphy with the name of Jesus and the Scripture and also this sheet seen above ( in smaller form) with the list of names we have complied so far. Next year we hope to have add more tags for the other names...The sets are $10 if I mail them to you or $8.66 if you pick them up...we also have some ornaments left also, so just contact me if you need something....

~ To God be all glory, for only HE is WORTHY~
Happy Decorating,


  1. Jodi, this is a wonderful idea and one that is sure to catch on. There is no tree standing that is as beautiful as our Lord, but what a way to honor Him on his birth and to teach our children to walk in the light.

  2. I still say scrabble tiles for "the word". It's such a great idea.

  3. This is awesome! Debbie sent me over, and I just LOVE this idea. How wonderful that you have this in your sale. I'm placing you on my blog list. Please come by and visit my decor blog and recently I started an on-line group Bible Study blog. I'd love to have you!

  4. How refreshing to see Christmas decorations with the real reason that we are actually celebrating Christmas. I have looked and looked this year to find Jesus in decorating and here you have a whole tree just for Him. I love it!!!

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  6. I love what's on top of the Christmas tree.



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