Monday, November 2, 2009

~ Creative Customers~

Remeber the post called, It's time for a sale and I had all those old clock faces lined up? Well, this is what some of them got re-invented as...these fabulous clock pillows? Aren't they great?

The brown one is my favorite! These are the brain child of Rebecca Ballard who has a custom slipcover/sewing business called Forever Rebecca. She will also be selling these pillows and other wonderful items at Mistletoe and Magic Booth #515 at Harvey Hall in Tyler. The dates for the show are Nov. 11-14th , so don't miss it and drop by and look for yourself!

Of course ,you could just buy all three, becasue they do look great together! If you have to have them now, you can email her at!

If you like re-inventing odd and unusual items and just good junk, then you have to check out my freind, Margo's website! She does the most creative things with almost nothing! She calls herself the RoboJunker, and she keeps a junkin' journal on her blogspot and sells off of her blog also. One thing I always like to check are her instructions that you can buy on-line for making all sorts of stuff! You can also find her goodies at Our Little Corner in Noonday (Yellow Building) and Winnie and Tulula's in jump on over to her blog and take a look! You just might be hooked!

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