Monday, August 16, 2010

The Sum of it's PARTS are worth more than the whole!

Well, it was the last day and the trailer was scrammed full, I mean the type of full that you had to be really careful when you opened the trailer for fear of what was going to fall out. But then I spotted this very cool pump organ with the awesome topper and I really wanted it!
The price I was quoted was great and Margo and I had quite a discussion about how to get it home. After several options, I figured the only way to get in the trailer was to take it apart. I could tell that the seller really wanted to sell it and I really love architectural pieces, so I wanted it....the seller (Danny) kept asking me about it. Finally, I said the only way I can buy this organ is if you take it apart for me. He AGREED!!!! YEAH!!!! I planned on selling the parts from the beginning, because I have learned that often times the PARTS are awesome and WORTH more than the whole piece. SO, the de-construction project began....

Here is Danny (left) and Charles (right), taking apart the organ by unscrewing every screw. They were very careful and did not break any of the parts. Remeber now, it is 100+ degrees and they worked on this organ for an hour.... They were really troopers! They joked about how taking the organ apart was not on their adjenda for the day, but life can surprise you!

They were very kind and smiling inspite of the intense heat!

Here are some of the parts, they have the most amazing detail on them.

It was a big project! Here you can see the awesome side pieces...I really like those! You'll see them for sale at the barn!
Thanks guys! You ROCK!!!!


  1. I had to laugh when I saw you bought an organ! LOVE IT!

  2. OH yeah! That's great! And what troopers those fellas were. ~Mindy

  3. what a cool road trip...and what awesome helpers those boys were.

  4. I still think you are nuts :) Just joking, Glad it all made it back home OK.

  5. What a great find. I love these kinds of old pieces. And so nice and helpful of the sellers to help you out like that. The trip looks like a lot of fun.


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