Thursday, December 17, 2009

A fun Afternoon!!!

It all started one day when my friend told me I need some help with my bookshelves and I don't know what to do with them! Lucky me, I really enjoy arranging shelves and was quick to volunteer to help her! We have similar tastes in decorating so this was a relatively easy task!
She had some very pretty items and some family heirlooms that we wanted to use, but still she needed more stuff (yeah!) So the first thing we did was to take in peak in other cabinets, shelves and closets in the her house to see what other items we could use! I brought her some books, a tray and arrangement that I had at the barn ( you know I always have "stuff"!) Then we hit one of my favorite local antiques store, Once Upon A Time, ( which sadly is going out of business, all remaining inventory is 40% til December 31st) and she bought some great blue books and a red transferware pitcher! Then we went to work!

First I cleared the shelves, set the books back, and then played around with all her decor items! I think it turned out pretty good and made you look at the shelves to see what she has on them plus added some interest and color to the room!

Thanks for the fun afternoon Lee!!!I enjoyed "playing" in your house!

Hope you all are savoring the season!!!
I'll be posting some yummy recipes soon!

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  1. That does look a lot better; more filled-in. And I've seen people put up colored paper temporarily on the backside of shelves to really make things pop or for the season. Good Job! Debbie P.


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