Friday, July 2, 2010

South Texas Trip - Part 2!

After a yummy lunch, I spied a garage sale across the street at this very cute gardening I just had to check it out! The smalls I found are above...the nest on a stand is my favorite...
and these are the larger items....did I say that I needed a larger car?? Anyway, I am really good at cramming my "jewels" in the car! Don't you love them..the brown table has great pattern on the wood....just needs a little clean up!

Next on the Texas tour was the town of Shiner Texas....well known for their beer brewery. It has been in operation over 100 years and they give free tours as well as free hubby was happy to sample their varities of flavors.... I loved the sign above!

A picture of the Spoetzl was very interesting to say the least!
Just one more day and the trip was done...a few more pictures and my favorite find later!
Happy 4th of July friends!
~ jodi

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