Monday, July 26, 2010

Colorado Country!

Well, it was time for the family vacation, so we hit the road to Colorful Colorado. I love the mountains and it was time to explore and experience them together as a family! Here we are at the top of Pike's Peak, one of Colorado's many 14,000 + peaks!
Katherine Lee Bates wrote America the Beautiful after an inspiring ride up the peak way back when! Thank-you, Katherine!

Yes, there really was a very steep drop off right behind us, but we had to get the picture!

One shot out of the train car....

We had fun on the cog railway, I would suggest everyone go once...those majestic peaks are incredible!!!

We did a little hiking at Seven Falls....224 steps up to be exact! Needless to say, this Texas girl needed that water!

We also visited Focus on the Family....Rebekah ( I should say we) all like the Chronicles of Narnia series and they have a this fun wardrobe and Narnia room...

Posing as Adventures in Odessy characters....

Stopped to pan for gold at the mining museum! Let's just say we better keep our day jobs!

Hiking in the Garden of gods near Colorado Springs!

Rebekah riding Rainbow in Buena Vista with our friend Denise! Thank-you!

Rebekah is feeding the chipmunks at a very old ghost town called St. Elmo's! Fun!

This is where I worked one summer...I was a soda "jerk" at the San Juan Soda Co. The same wonderful folks still own it and I really loved that job! Everyone was always happy eating ice cream and of course, most of them were also on vacation! If you ever get the chance, go visit Lake City, is just a summer Colorado town, but a wonderful sweet and unchanged for decades...A great Christian Challenge Center is there also called Camp Redcloud, well worth the visit! It was a sweet week and we made some lasting memories!

Bye-bye to "my" moutains, I hope to see you again soon!

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