Sunday, August 16, 2009

South Dakota Trip

My folks, Rebekah and I took a road trip to my grandparents farm in South Dakota this summer. My wonderful grandparents are in their 80's and still living on their farm in a tiny town of Volga, South Dakota...(I know you have never heard of it!) Well, they were having some farm buildings taken down and so we went for moral support! We got there the evening before the shed was coming down and found it was full of "junky" treasures. We all started pulling out farm equipment parts, old bikes, interesting grandpa thought we were nuts, but I told him about all the creative Texans I know who make great stuff out of junk...We saved a lot of stuff, some we got home and the rest will have to stay for another trip! I know all you junkies would have loved this "dig!" The "coolest" thing I found were the lightening rods made of copper from the 20's...Yes, they will be in the fall sale!


  1. Test, did this go to your inbox?


  2. Hi Jodie - You may not remember me, but I've been to several of your sales & am looking forward to the October sale!

    That's a great lookin' barn your folks have and it's a shame that it needs to come down. Have fun poking around in there - I betcha you find lots of great junk! Take care - Vickie

  3. Vickie - Of course, I remeber you! THanks for stopping by! THe farm trip was fun, and thankfully the large barn is still standing. See you in October!


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