Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun Finds for Fall Sale (3)!

Tyler Roses! Not really, but aren't the colors great in this painting? I love the pinks and blues mixed together!
It is a LARGE painting also and beatiufully framed!

These bright blue lockers are very fun and unique! As you can see, they have mesh wiring on all the doors and lots of cubbies for stashing treasures or toys away!

Here is a wonderful shabby garden cart! It has many uses inside and outside the home! Wouldn't it make a cute night stand in a guest room or hold towels in a large bathroom? The possiblities are endless...

Well, I was behind on posting some fun items that will be at the next sale! Only 5 1/2 weeks away! Keeping checking back for additional items...
Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. You are wetting the appetites! I love those lockers. How perfect with new paint in a boys room or a playroom. You will have to find a way for your customers to update you with pictures of how they used and transformed any treasures! Maybe you could have a post barn sale linky party. Wouldn't that be fun? People could show off the treasures in their own homes.

  2. Christa - That is a great idea! I'll have to work on that one! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love those lockers. Hope over to my blog tomorrow to see my week's finds. It was a great week.

  4. Hey Jodi,
    I love your finds, making me crazy. Anyway, add my blog page to your blogroll. I have added yours to mine.


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