Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Foster Fun!

Introducing Stacey Foster.... You're going to love her cheery orginals....
Stacey's been doing custom painting for over 10 years now. Everything from murals to children's canvases and furniture. About 2 months ago, she thought she would do something kind of exciting and wanted
to challenge herself to do 100 paintings in 100 days. She still does custom work, but these canvas panels are just some of those 100 paintings. Stacey loves to play around with words and these turned out to be colorful, fun and wonderfully "gifty". They will encourage, inspire or bring smile. She will embellish them all with ribbon, wire and beads and the sizes range from 5x7" to 12x12".
Her blog is so go check it out....she also has some great dog portraits - perrrrrrrrrfect for your pet lover!

7 days and counting down.......

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