Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A beautiful day & recent FINDS!!!

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday and we had to get out to the barn anyway....SO, Rebekah talked Poppi into giving her a riding lesson and we had to give Buster Billy a cool down walk afterwards.... I'm not sure who is walking who???
They love spending time together...It is so precious to see your daughter get to make the same memories that I have with her grandpa that I made with my is like time is repeating dad always took us for pony rides on Sunday afternoon and my sweet mom finally got some peace and quiet....

Now, I just snapped a few quick pictures of items for sale in April...still love the mannequins!!

This is a bad picture of a really cool vintage JP Coats rack...probably used to sale rick rack or, metal..It would make a great organizer hanging on the wall!

I have lots of hymnal rack is a new kind that I have not had before...They even have the cup holders on the ends...
Well, we are on the "hunt" to fill the barn for the spring sale. If you are looking for anything, drop me a line and I'll be happy to keep a sharp eye out for you! You'll notice that I'll be listing a few larger items for sale now and then on the right side of the page also, so take a peek at those

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  1. The church I went to while growing up in McKinney had little cup holders in the hymnal holders. When we had the Lord's Supper on Sunday nights, that's where the little glasses were placed. Thanks for a great memory.


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