Thursday, May 13, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects...

Well, it is that time of and all my activities are winding down, but Project season is just getting started!!!! Here is the before on this cute garden cart....
And here is the AFTER!!! Much better, don't you think! CHECK, this one is off to the barn!

I got this really great desk recently...what you do think??? Stain or Paint???? I really want to know....

Look at the great feet! All the drawers are there....I know which way I'm leaning, but I need your opinions....I'll start on this cutie next week!

Lots of great lamps...lots of re-wiring needed! I'm attempting to learn this skill, we'll see how it goes! I'll keep you updated! Stay tuned! What projects are you doing this summer???
By the way, I was strolling around Hobby Lobby this morning (that is what you do when you don't want to work on what you already have to do at your own house!) and they have a great selection of cute knobs, bright colors, initials, glass - check them out if you need some! Changing the knobs is a great and easy way to update ANY piece of furniture!
Happy Projecting!


  1. Paint for the dresser I think.

    Love the lamps, and cart. Still want to see the huge haul you got last week.


  2. Black distressed paint for sure. Is there ever an end to the projects?

  3. Paint for sure!!


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