Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New England Finds!

Here we are...shopping away! You know we HAD to stop at this place! They had really great signs! We could hardly pose for the picture...we were digging in...
My mom shopping at a local antique fair...believe it or not, we really needed those scarves!

These are something you don't see in Texas too often...We left them there!

Here's what I bought...DISHES! Yup and we carried them back with us on the plane! I love transferware, especially red and purple...

turkey anyone?

This red pitcher is a beauty...

I loved the deer on the "pot"! Don't you think this would make a great base for a christmas tree?
I always love interesting containers...

Wooden tole tray (another weakness of mine!)

You know I love books! I couldn't pass them up!
"Most" of these items will be at the next sale, but for now, I'm enjoying them!
Hugs to you all!
~ Jodi


  1. Can't wait for the sale, Jodi. I will "advertise" on my blog! ;-) Liked the pics of the northeast....where i'm from....looove it!! Happy fall!

  2. LOVE the red pitcher and the turkey plate!!! I am excited! I am thinking I may have to come to the preview party!:)


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