Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm just sharing some very fun items I've beening finding lately...most are in the ruff, not yet cleaned up! Tin "A"!
Fun garden plant moving cart! I think it needs some new wood!

I haven't found a set of 3 striped suitcases in awhile...they'll shine after a good cleaning!

Another cool industrial clothing rack! It is solid!!

Metal mannequin, vintage postcard holder!

I found a large blue tin "b" also!

Plus great black metal letters...

piled in my car...

This is great vintage shoe display rack...they look great with vintage locker basket in them or in kitchens for storage of dishes or linens too!
So what do you think? A+ or not?
Happy Spring!


  1. Loving the shoe rack and clothes rack. Reckon who I'll have to knock down to get a shot at those first! LOL

  2. A+ for sure! You have found some treasures! Can't wait for the spring sale!

  3. I actually took letters like yours and spelled my name. I took that and put it on my wall of my room. I then spray painted them blue. Looks really good.



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