Thursday, July 14, 2011

A blue beauty!

Louis Blue...I'm in love with this paint! The colors are just goes on smooth, but quick and it really has the power of transformation! This is the bottom...

This is the topper... Sorry, no muscles at home to help me put them together and I just had to show and tell... I couldn't wait!

She distressed beautifully.... and the touch of white just brighten her up like red lip stick...

Here is her "before"

And the top! Oh, the power of paint and color!

Don't worry, not everything has paint and curvy legs...check in tomorrow for my favorite find of the week!

Happy Early Weekend!


  1. it really is a great transformation. Thanks for including the paint you used. Lezlee

  2. Looks so great Jodi!! I haven't tried that blue, but I love the Duck Egg Blue!

  3. Oooh, pretty. The blue is so soft. That dresser would look just awesome in a little baby boy's nursery!

  4. I love the touch of white. It really gives it an elegant look! Great job! :)


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