Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Decor & More

Often times I end up in a conversation that goes like this... So, you like to decorate...I have this problem spot in my house....What would you do? Can you help me? Of course, I say YES!!!
So here is my friend's problem...a very cool mantle with great stuff, but missing the mark for sure. You can spot the problems right? Too much wood, not enough color, no height...

Here it is from another view ... Also, throw in that she really loved the cross-stitched 23rd Psalm and wanted that on the mantle, so here we go....

What do you think now? First of all, the Psalm picture got top billing, then we added some height, color, light, wood and wicker.... She can easily add in pumpkins and fall decor too...

The best part, we used 95% of what she already had, items that were meaningful and precious to them, so very little $ was spent!

Simple, clean and well-placed...

We decided it needed the iron piece also, but waited on the hubby to hang it in the brick...and to make sure he likes it... It's important that the man in your life likes it also...I wanted all involved to be pleased! I think she was....

Where's your "stuck" spot? We all have them... I have plenty, but that's for another post...


  1. Love it, and I definitely think the iron piece needs to be added. good call.

    you've got the touch.


  2. I would love to put an iron piece on my fireplace like that also. Did you have to drill holes in the brick to hang it or is there a way to do it without drilling holes? :) Thank you!

  3. Great job - looks much better!


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