Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heartfelt and Handmade!

Rebekah and I got the Valentines box out today...It was the perfect day to be "crafty". I still love a handmade valentine and those who really know me, know that Valentines Day is my second favorite holiday and we like to celebrate it at our house!!! Rebekah and I decided to try these heart flowers that I saw in the recent Family Fun magazine...
All you do is cut out 3 hearts, 2 leaves and the center fold the leaves so they are creased, punch a hole in the bottom or middle of the pieces and insert the sucker in the hole, then put scotch tape under the leaves to hold it all in place...the magazine suggested writing your valentines messages on the leaves...we added stickers to this one!

I loved that this is a valentine idea that little hands can do also....

The proud chickadee! She made these for her sweet "girlfriends!"

And until V-day, I have a cute bouquet in my basket! These are fast, easy and cute!
Enjoy the day!!


  1. Those are cute, you are so blessed to have a little girl. I'm sure you made a memory as well as Valentines.

  2. These are darling, but not as darling as your sweet little helper. Look at her with hearts for buttons...tutu cute!


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