Saturday, February 13, 2010


Yesterday we had the most beautiful snow, (a huge thing for us East Texans!!)...about 4 inches and it looked so wonderful on the trees and just make everything look so fresh and clean!
We had to snap some pictures....

Mark, my Maine man, who is very familar with snow and how to play it in, got Rebekah and I good in our snowball fight!!

My favorite tree..

Our very homemade snowman!!!!
On another note, I just picked up the very first copy of Flea Market Style magazine and it is great!!!! There are lots of fun ideas and cool ways to implement some vintage style into your home! I don't think they are in the stores yet, but you can buy them from Margo...jump on over to her blog and get all the will be a magazine you won't want to put down and Margo is in it!!!! Way to go girl!!!

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